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I carry out all aspects of vehicle servicing for the old and new, I have all the manufactures servicing schedules to hand so I know what needs doing and when, having all the necessary tools and knowledge to perform any type of services at a fraction of main dealer prices.

New car servicing-the facts-2003 european legislation states that servicing for any make or model can be carried out at any independent garage and your warranty is not invalidated.

Products relating to servicing and repairs are in line with the best enviromental practice ensuring protection and conservation of the enviroment.

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Every 12,000 miles or 12 months

The Full Service is a comprehensive. It includes the replacement of correct vescocity engine oil and filter, air filter, pollen filter and an extensive range of checks that are inline with all manufacturer's service schedules:

  • It checks the main moving parts that may need attention.
  • All of the lights are checked for operation.
  • The road wheels are removed to carry out a thorough inspection of the braking system.
  • The brakes are also adjusted if required
  • The tyre condition is checked and all pressures adjusted as required
  • The steering and suspension is checked for wear and condition.
  • The wheel bearings are checked for wear.
  • The exhaust system is inspected.
  • The underside of the vehicle is checked.
  • The Engine oil and filter mis replaced.
  • The Air Filter is replaced.
  • The Pollen filter if fitted is replaced.
  • The service light will also be reset.
  • Time is spend visually checking for faults with the vehicle to make sure its safe on the road including a road test.
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